Make an interactive display using
webcam motion detection

Use any display or projector, and any webcam you want.
Create interactive audio/video scripts using the Media Zone Trigger software, a webcam and any media file you want.
This software will sequence your media files on a display based on the motion detection triggers you have specified.

Use motion detection for interactive displayHot Spots - A reliable way to detection motion in a precise zone on the image.

Set the size of the hot spot, move it over the area to monitor on the video, and the software will produce an action when it detects motion in this zone.

Create an interactive photobooth with a webcam
Flexible Software - Create cool interactive project that behave any way you like.

Use the hardware you want, use the file formats you have. Produce simple "start upon motion" presentation, or setup complex interactive scripts.

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Media Zone Trigger is available in 2 versions:

Use a webcam to control the media on display
Light Edition

Super simple to use
Activate media on motion

An easy software to use, you need to connect a webcam, specify the motion hot spots, select a media file to play upon motion, and your project is done.

Create complex interactive display projects
Pro Edition

Slight Learning curve
Complex Projects

A unique software that lets you create of  scripts,  take pictures or video, log statistics, use multiple displays at the same time...

License is 39.99$us

License is 250$us

Download Media Zone Trigger - Light

Download Media Zone Trigger - Pro

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Tutorials and Info...

Check out our motion detection project example video page.
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Minimum System Requirement
for Media Zone Trigger
  • Windows XP to Win10/11
  • Direct-X Video capture device (Webcam, DV camcorder...)
Media Zone Trigger is available in 2 versions

Light Edition

Pro Edition
Super simple to use

Slight Learning curve
Plays media when motion is detected

Allows for more complex projects

Keeps statistics of detected motion

Supports multiple displays at once

License is 39.99$us

License is 250$us

Download Media Zone Trigger Light

Download Media Zone Trigger Pro

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