We get a lot of traffic from pirate sites and warez blogs, we recognize that there is a clear demand for the Zone Trigger series software. We also aim at providing the best experience possible for our users. Here is a short FAQ on the subject:

Is there an illegal crack for Zone Trigger product?
Yes there is.  Upon its first release, Webcam Zone Trigger was quickly cracked by the Fantastic Four Cracking Group (F4CG).

Does the crack work?
The crack works only for a few minutes, after which it breaks down and Zone Trigger's auto-diagnostic system kicks in, detecting damaged files and alerting the user.

Is it dangerous to use the crack?
Who knows? F4CG probably didn't put any malware in their crack, but the distribution process doesn't end there... The pirated file will end up on hundreds of sites, and will go thru the hands of hundreds of warez sysops, any of which can wrap malware, spyware, trojans or viruses around it.

Although software piracy is usually a hobby for crackers, there is much money to be made in distributing malware. Some criminal organizations will have little regard for your safety if they have the opportunity to turn your computer into a zombie for a botnet.

What happens if I get caught using cracked software?
Nothing, most likely. But you will be denied help and technical support. You may be seen as amateur or un-professional, and you might get labeled as being a thief.
Respect the work of other and get good karma.

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We work hard to create great software.
Thank you for your interest in our products :-)

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